UBOCELL SOFC “Open-Air Demo Set”

For table-top “open air” demonstrations of SOFC technology. Internally heated stack. Operation temperature of 600°C reached in six minutes. Stack read hot soon after. Power from hydrogen and air. Output of 60 W at 12 VDC demonstrated by three shining lights and red-hot stack. Other users may be connected for convincing experiments. K-type thermocouple, UBOCELL Control Box and lamp set.

Price complete set
115 VAC: CHF 10,900 (≈ EUR 10,100 ≈ USD 12,000)
220 VAC: CHF 11,500 (≈ EUR 10,700 ≈ USD 12,600)

Technical Data

Dimensions L x W x H 200 mm x 200 mm x 210 mm (7.87" x 7.87" x 8.27")
Number of cells: 16
Performance (700°C): OCV ≈ 16 V, P = 80 W at 12 V for H2 and air at about 750°C
Cells 0.4 mm anode-supported, anodes reduced before stack assembly
Cell material: Anode. Ni-Cermet, electrolyte: ZrO, cathode: LSM
Bipolar and end plates: 1 mm Crofer 22, with etched flow fields
TC center plate: 4 mm Crofer 22 for placement of one thermocouple near stack center
Compression plates: 4 mm stainless steel: 316L (1.4305)
Electrical insulation: 1 mm Al2O3
H2 and air supplies: Front of bottom compression plate.
Exhausts: Rear of bottom compression plate.
Heating power: Mounted C14 plug
Start-up time: 6 minutes to 600°C
Delivery time: Four weeks after placement of order