UBOCELL SOFC “Demonstration Kit”

Packed in a trolley case for easy transport including: UBOCELL SOFC Mini Stack, with connecting tubes for H2 and air, power output conductors, heating cartridges for 110 or 220 VAC, two K-type thermocouples for system and stack temperature control, UBOCELL SOFC Control Box, metal hydride H2 storage system with regulating and shut-off valves, air pump (110 or 220 VAC), set of three 20 W demonstration lamps and connecting hoses and cables.

SOFC Demonstration Kit
Price: CHF 11,900 (≈ EUR 11,000 ≈ USD 13,000)

Technical Data

Dimensions L x W x H 60 mm x 60mm x 40mm (2.37" x 2.37" x 1.58")
Number of cells: 16
Performance (700°C): OCV ≈ 17 V, N = 80 W at 12 V for H2 and air
Type of cell: 0.4 mm anode-supported, anodes reduced before stack assembly
Cell material: Anode. Ni-Cermet, electrolyte: ZrO, cathode: LSM
Bipolar and end plates: 1 mm Crofer 22, with etched flow fields
TC center plate: 4 mm Crofer 22 for placement of one thermocouple near stack center
Compression plates: 4 mm stainless steel: 316L or 1.4305
Electrical insulation: 1 mm Al2O3
Gas supplies: H2 and air supply ports on rear compression plate.
Gas exhausts: Anode and cathode exhaust ports on front compression plate.
Air flow connector: Female connecters with matching joints for welding to 5 mm ID tubing
H2 flow connector: Male connecters with matching joints for welding to 4 mm OD tubing
Electrical connectors: End plate connecting lashes with 3 mm boring
Stack mounting: Two tapped (metric 4 mm thread) holes in front compression plate,
Start-up time: 60 minutes inside furnace
Endurance: More than 100 hours and more than 20 cycles

Lead time:

2 months

Typical performance of the UBOCELL SOFC Mini Stack at 700°C