Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Demonstration, Education, Training and Simple Experiments

The Swiss company ALMUS AG is now offering small SOFC systems based on a unique stack design and other innovative features. The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) solutions are basically designed for experiments and demonstrations at universities, research institutes and laboratories engaged in the development of solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers. A 16-cell stack is offered with extras for system integration. The “Open-Air” version is equipped with electrically heated bipolar plates for “visible” table-top demonstrations without the use of furnaces. The “Demonstration Kit” is designed for table-top demonstrations of the main features of the SOFC technology. Finally, a 600 W SOFC “Generator” is available for power generation with hydrogen or reformates. This unit can be modified to serve as high temperature solid oxide electrolyzer (SOE).

Products of ALMUS AG satisfy relevant standards. As the technology is still under development, no formal guarantee can be given. However, ALMUS AG is prepared to receive comments and complaints from customers and will swiftly provide advice or replacements in case of serious technical defects.

  1. UBOCELL SOFC Mini Stack “Basic”
  2. UBOCELL SOFC Mini Stack “All Supplied”
  3. UBOCELL SOFC Mini Stack “Complete”
  4. UBOCELL SOFC Mini Stack “Ready-to-Go”
  5. UBOCELL SOFC “Open-Air”
  6. UBOCELL SOFC “Open-Air Demo Set”
  7. UBOCELL SOFC “Module”
  8. UBOCELL SOFC “Demonstration Kit”
  9. UBOCELL SOFC “Control Box”
  10. UBOCELL SOFC “Generator”