Price List

16 anode-supported cells per stack.
Open circuit voltage: about 17 VDC
Power output at 700°C: about 100 Watts at 12 VDC.
Footprint area: 60 x 60 mm2, active area per cell: 27 cm2
Weight: about 0.7 kg. Stack dimensions 6 x 7 x 8 cm3
Electrically insulate bore holes for placement of 1 mm thermocouples near stack center.
Supplied with reduced anodes and air and fuel connectors
4 or 8 electrically heated bipolar plates per stack optional

Prices: CHF
UBOCELL SOFC Mini-Stack: 4,400
2 pairs of straight tubes plus connectors: 240
1 pair straight, 1 pair curled tubes plus connectors: 360
1 electrically heated bipolar plate: 200

Currency exchange rates (June 2017):
1 CHF = 0.92 EUR or 1.03 USD

Compact generator with ceramic fuel cells
16-cell stack of 60 x 60 mm2 footprint area
Integrated 220V electric start-up heaters
Preheating of air and fuel
Two thermocouples, one in stack center, one in stack periphery
Feed and exhaust line for air and fuel
In dust-proof container

Open circuit voltage: about 17 VDC
Operating voltage: about 12 VDC
Power output at 750°C: about 80 Watt

Price: CHF 6,500
(EUR 5,200 or USD 7,300)

UBOCELL SOFC Demonstrations-Kit
Complete SOFC laboratory set-up for

  • Demonstration of the SOFC technology for training und demonstration
  • Basic SOFC experiments at trade schools and universities
  • Power generation

All components shown below are contained in a handy transport case on wheels.

This case contains the following items:

  • ALMUS SOFC Module (16-cell stack)
  • ALMUS Control Box
  • Hot Box with thermal insulation
  • Metal hydride storage system for H2
  • Metering and shut-off valves for H2
  • Air pump
  • Three 20-W lamps for demonstration
  • Cables, power cords, hose for H2 refills
  • Gloves, operating instructions etc.

Price: CHF 9,600
(EUR 8,000 or USD 10,700)

UBOCELL Control Box
Control unit for SOFC Modules

OMRON E5CC temperature controller
Voltmeter 30 VDC
3 switches for unit, stack heaters, air pump
4A fuse
Two receptacles for thermocouples
Toggle switch for temperature control choice
Stainless steel housing

Price: CHF 1,800
(EUR 1,500 or USD 2,000)

UBOCELL Experimental Generator
Four SOFC Stacks of 16 cells each are joined in this experimental power generator. The stacks are operated at a uniform temperature and equal air flow rates. However, all stacks can be supplied with different fuels, fuel compositions and flow rates. Also, different loads may be applied. The unit can be operated with 1 to 4 stacks electrically and fuel-wise connected parallel or in series and at different power levels. The Experimental Generator is designed for comparative studies of fuels. A Control Box is part of the system.

Price: CHF 22,000
(EUR 19,000 or USD 22,000)