ALMUS AG is offering several products based on its innovative "UBOCELL" SOFC Module design. The standard UBOCELL Module shown below is equipped with an SOFC stack of 16 anode-supported cells of 60 mm x 60 mm footprint. The stack and four electric heating elements are enclosed in a sealed container. The heating elements allow rapid star-up and controlled operation at pre-set temperatures. Two K-type thermocouples monitor the temperature inside and around the stack.

SOFC ModuleTypically, each cell generates up to 5 Watts at 700°C with hydrogen (or reformates) and air. This standard module can be started from ambient to operating temperature of 600°C in about 20 minutes. The UBOCELL SOFC Module can be used to charge a 12 Volt battery at 0.75 V per cell and high electrical efficiency. Typical operating temperatures are between 600 and 700°C. Although the standard modules are equipped with 16 cells per stack (~ 80 W), there is room in the container for up to 50 cells per stacks (~ 200 W).

This compact UBOCELL SOFC Module (diameter 100 mm or 4", height 130 mm or 5") is designed for a wide range of applications. It can be operated as a self-contained demonstration unit at universities and research laboratories. It may also be integrated into commercial products marketed by third parties.

For extended operation the module should be wrapped with a good thermal insulation of at least 100 mm thickness. All electrical and fluid connections extend 120 mm from the top. The unit may be placed inside a larger metal container and surrounded by layers of ceramic fiber mats or granulates of high temperature insulation material.

This operational arrangement is schematically shown below.

Thermal Isolation Schematic

The UBOCELL SOFC Modules are designed for convenient use and easy integration into a wide range of consumer products.

When produced in large numbers the price will be considerably less than the CHF 6,500 currently charged for custom-made modules.