The ALMUS UBOCELL SOFC Module design uses cells of 60 mm x 60 mm cross-section, stack end plates, electrical feedthroughs, start-up heater design and thermocouples. The number of cells can be increased to 50 per stack and a number of stacks can be combined to power generators in the kW power range, according to the specifications of the customer.

A UBOCELL Generator with four 32 cell stacks has recently been put in operation. The system was designed for 500 W output, but shortly after start-up more than 600 W was obtained with hydrogen and air. All four stacks received the same preheated air flow. The system is designed for identical fuel supply to all four stacks. However, the stacks can also be operated with different fuel flow rates, different fuels or different fuel pressures. Furthermore, one can simultaneously record different characteristics for a four stacks. The system is thus ideally suited for comparative measurements at identical temperatures and air flows. All four stacks of the system showed similar performance. With all four stacks connected in series a system open circuit voltage of 134 VDC was observed.

This first multiple stack UBOCELL Generator demonstrated the potentials of the design. A multitude of standard stacks can be grouped to build generators delivering multiples of 150 Watts.

The present arrangement resembles that of the standard UBOCELL SOFC Module with start-up heaters, thermocouples for monitoring the temperature inside and near the stacks and air preheaters. All components are enclosed in a cylindrical container of 200 mm diameter and 120 mm height as illustrated below. However, linear arrangements are preferred, e.g. multiple stack UBOCELL SOFC Generators with all stacks aligned inside a rectangular containment.

Stack Generators

The 600 Watt UBOCELL SOFC Generator shown above is offered for CHF 18,000, but prices will depend on the specifications of the customer