The UBOCELL SOFC Module used for demonstrations is operated with industrial grade hydrogen. With simple fuel conditioning, it may also be operated with "reformates", i.e. mixtures of hydrogen and carbon monoxide obtained by splitting hydrocarbon fuels. These commercial fuels include natural gas, propane, butane, biogas, methanol, ethanol, gasoline and diesel. Fuel reformers are not supplied by ALMUS AG, but are available from other suppliers.

The UBOCELL SOFC Module consists of a compact SOFC stack, start-up heater, air heat exchanger, blower, fuel supply, fuel conditioner, valves and controls.

There are many applications for the compact UBOCELL SOFC modules.

Portable Generators
Automotive Applications
Refrigerated Trucks / HVAC
Hybrid vehicles
Auxiliary Power Supplies
Onboard Power Sources
Remote Power Sources

Recreational Products

Boats, Yachts, Caravans
Hand power tools
Mobil homes

Residential Applications
Emergency Power Supplies
Onsite Power Generation
Power Back-Up Systems
Emergency Back-Up Systems
Uninterrupted Power Supplies

UBOCELL SOFC modules may be integrated into a variety of systems such as portable generators, stationary power supplies, residential co-generators, back-up battery charger for PV systems, emergency power for rescue operations, military applications, on-board power sources for cars, buses, trucks and boats, battery chargers for small electric vehicles, etc.